Pet Passports

Taking your pet abroad

How it works

Everybody is travelling more these days and more and more people are taking their pets with them, be it for holidays or because they are emigrating. Most dogs and cats can travel under the "Pet Passport scheme" if they are traveling to an eligible country included in the scheme.

There are a few things to consider if you are considering taking your pet abroad, the most important being the requirements to enter your chosen country and meeting the requirements to re-enter the UK.

Unless traveling under the pet passport scheme to eligible countries, animals traveling abroad usually require import documents for the country they are traveling to. At Celyn we can help you with this so give us a call if you need any further advice.

Importing pets from countries outside of the pet passport scheme into the UE/UK is simpler, with the requirement for 6 months quarantine being dropped.  Pets will need to have been vaccinated against rabies, had a blood test to confirm rabies vaccination and remained in the country of origin for 3 months before being imported.

Contact DEFRA for more advice.

In addition, the diseases and parasites your pet encounters abroad are different to those they'll come across in this country. Please speak to the vet about precautions you can take to help prevent these before travelling.

If you return to the UK, please remember to tell us if your pet has travelled abroad.

For any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us.